Hair Stroke Design by Makoto

Micropigmentation vs. Microblading

What is Micropigmentation?
Microblading and Nano Hair Strokes (Micropigmentation) are two different techniques. Both PMU methods can produce beautiful designs; however, how do we decide on what is better for the customer and why? Furthermore, how do these techniques differ?
We will discuss this topic, providing you with more knowledge and the ability to decide what's best for you.

Nano Hair Strokes (Micropigmentation ) is Permanent Makeup though use of a tattoo machine made specifically for PMU. At SUZUKOO Relaxation & Skin Design we only perform Micropigmentation procedures.

More about Micropigmentation

In Permanent Makeup, Micropigmentation provides the most comfortable client experience and can produce beautiful hair strokes (Nano Hair Strokes) and ombre eyebrows, elegant eyeliner, and gorgeous lip blush.

The Micropigmentation Nano hair stroke technique is performed with a tattoo machine explicitly designed for permanent makeup (PMU), also known as "cosmetic tattoo." The PMU machines are equipped with very fine microneedle cartridges, which are pre-sterilized, and individually packed for single-use for customer safety.   The pigment is deposited into the skin repeatedly by the needle.

The Micropigmentation is similar to a traditional body tattoo; however, the machine is designed for a delicate installation and is made explicitly for facial procedures. Micropigmentation Artists are trained to adjust the needle depth to keep the pigment installation within the first three layers of the skin, making it less painful than a traditional tattoo and making the procedure "semi-permanent" as it will eventually disappear through the skin's natural exfoliation process.

Micropigmentation provides clients with a very comfortable permanent makeup experience. Ultimately, the client's comfort is based on the artist's training and experience. The artist must make the right decisions around the choice of machine, needle type, needle depth, machine control, and pressure. Micropigmentation Nano Hair Strokes technique requires much more training and practice than Microblading. Therefore, the investment of time and money usually is substantially more than the cost of learning microblading.

Additionally, Micropigmentation Nano Hair Strokes procedures take longer than Microblading, averaging 2-4 hours, depending on the procedure and other client-specific factors. However, Micropigmentation is far less traumatic to the skin and less painful than microblading. Many clients fall asleep during micropigmentation procedures.