Eyebrows Gallery

Award Winning Nano Hair Stroke Brows and Soft Pixel Powder Brows

The Eyebrows Gallery contains before and after images of actual Suzukoo customers.

At SUZUKOO Relaxation & Skin Design, we specialize in Micropigmentation procedures, specifically Nano Hair Stroke Brows, performed with a Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine. Unlike Microblading or Nanoblading, which use blades for hair strokes, our approach offers exceptional results through an artistic journey with our Tattoo Machine. Experience the magic of Micropigmentation with us for flexible and exceptional outcomes.

*All our procedures are Semi-Permanent Makeup.

Eyebrows by Suzukoo

Eyebrows Gallery

The Eyebrows Gallery displays beautiful SUZUKOO customer procedure images of Hair Stroke Eyebrows, Pixel Ombre Powder Brows, and Combination Eyebrows with Hair Stroke and Shading.

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Our Procedure

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Our technique that is used for eyebrow hair stroke is NOT MICROBLADING. Instead, we perform Permanent Makeup procedures using cosmetic Tattoo Machines called MICROPIGMENTATION. Micropigmentation is easier on the skin than traditional tattoo or manual Microblading techniques. In addition, Micropigmentation creates minor trauma to the skin, allowing for a comfortable customer experience and a better healing process. Micro pigmentation brings out good results in oily skin compared to Microblading. It is the most difficult technique for hair stroke creation and has to have great steady hands.

Award-Winning PMU Artist Makoto Lovelace Suzuki leads the Suzukoo PMU Team. At SUZUKOO Skin Design, you receive service from Makoto or from a PMU artist who has been hand-picked and mentored by Makoto. The choice is yours!