Exquisite Eyeliner by Suzukoo

Eyeliner Gallery

The Suzukoo Relaxation & Skin Design Eyeliner Gallery displays beautiful customer images of Basic Eyeliner and Shadow Eyeliner.

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Eyeliner Gallery

Award Winning Shadow Eyeliner

The SUZUKOO Relaxation & Skin Design Eyebrow Gallery displays beautiful customer images of eyeliner and shadow eyeliner.

Discover your true beauty with Shadow Eyeliner by Makoto for a stunning transformation. If you prefer a clean, simple, and timeless look, our basic eyeliner is a perfect choice. With Makoto and her PMU team, you can achieve a fabulous new look with Permanent Makeup, and the best part? No one will even realize you have Permanent Makeup eyeliner!

Embrace your beauty and let's reveal it together!