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Makoto Lovelace Suzuki


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Hi, I'm Makoto, founder of Suzukoo International Permanent Makeup Academy. Join our PMU courses, and I'll be your dedicated instructor and mentor. Success in PMU is about seizing opportunities, investing in yourself, and continuous improvement. Let's explore the exciting world of Permanent Makeup together – it's fun, fulfilling, and opens doors to amazing opportunities. Fall in love with PMU, focus on improvement, and success will follow. Ready to make your PMU dreams a reality? 


About Suzukoo

Suzukoo was actually the name of my father's company which was located in Wakuya, a town  in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan.  I named my company Suzukoo to honor the memory of my father.  My father worked very hard and helped many people.  My father's memory will always live through me, in all of my efforts.   Today there are two Suzukoo companies, Suzukoo International PMU Academy and Suzukoo Relaxation and Skin Design, both have locations in Hawaii and Japan.  


Makoto's Completed PMU Certificate Courses

Makoto is constantly seeking out educational opportunities and has received over 50 certifications for completed permanent makeup courses taught by PMU Masters around the world.   Makoto believes in constant, never-ending improvement and is passionate about success in Permanent Makeup and helping others become successful through Suzukoo International PMU Academy. 

Makotoは、世界中のPMUマスターによるPMUのコースで50以上の認定を受けています。Makotoは、Suzukoo International PMU Academyを通じて成功を目指すPMUアーティストへのトレーニングに情熱を注いでいます。

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