Makoto Lovelace Suzuki


Makoto Lovelace Suzuki art 1

Hello, My name is Makoto.  I am the founder of Suzukoo International Permanent Makeup Academy.  If you plan to enroll in our PMU Academy Courses, I will be your permanent makeup instructor and mentor .   I will give you the best I have to help you become the best you can be.

To be successful, I truly believe we must always search for new opportunities to learn.  We must be focused on learning and improving.   Investing in yourself is the best investment, believe me – I know from experience!   I’ve taken many courses and I’m still learning.   I am also willing to share my experiences.  I truly desire to help my students become successful.   Permanent Makeup is an exciting industry, it’s fun and you truly help people and make people happy.   PMU can help customers save time, highlight beauty and build confidence.  Learning permanent makeup can lead to an amazing opportunity.   Fall in love with PMU, be obsessed with becoming better and you will become successful! 

About Suzukoo:

Suzukoo was actually the name of my father’s company which was located in Wakuya, a town  in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan.  I named my company Suzukoo to honor the memory of my father.  My father worked very hard and helped many people.  My father’s memory will always live through me, in all of my efforts.   Today there are two Suzukoo companies, Suzukoo International PMU Academy and Suzukoo Relaxation and Skin Design, both have locations in Hawaii and Japan.  

Makoto's Completed PMU Course Certificates

Makoto is constantly seeking out educational opportunities and has received over 50 certifications for completed permanent makeup courses taught by PMU Masters around the world.   Makoto believes in constant, never-ending improvement and is passionate about success in Permanent Makeup and helping others become successful through Suzukoo International PMU Academy. 

Recent Awards: PMU Competitions

2021 – Worldwide Beauty Competition, Vancouver, Canada

  • 1st Place Winner – Ombre Lips on live model 

  • 1st Place Winner – Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows on live model

  • 1st Place Winner – Ombre Powder Brows on live model

2021 – International Beauty Competition, Austria

  • 1st Place Winner, Expert Level – Eyeliner Shading

  • 2nd Place Winner, Expert Level – Machine Hair Stroke Eyebrows

2019 – Worldwide Eyebrow Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Trophy Winner – Best Eyebrow Shape

  • Ranked Top 10 – Ranked within the top 10 among all PMU Artists competing in the 2019 Worldwide Eyebrow Festival held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

2018 – International PMU Congress & Battle, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 2nd Place Winner – Hair Stroke Eyebrows